We provide a fully integrated material supply services of any size projects. Clients depend on us to understand and mitigate their risk and enhance their reputation with robust, reliable and sustainable solutions.

Material Supply Services

AHC own its Hooper dredging and own a dredging license , AHC is authorized under its license to extract the marine sand and sell it , it is a daily ongoing activity where AHC Hooper dredger collect the material from the Bahrain National Borrow Area and discharge it to AHC Jetty.

AHC owns its quarry in Oman equipped with loading jetty facilities to export the limestone rock with various sizes to GCC countries, far east , India, Maldives etc. AHC produce all sizes of material from 3 mm up to 8 ton , all material and production process subject to Quality Control approval prior loading.

AHC supply the aggregate of all sizes 5 mm , 10 mm as raw material for concrete work sourced from AHC quarry in Musandam Oman , all in accordance with BS and ASTM standard for material requirements.

Since the Veneer gold sand is not available in Bahrain’s local market, AHC has its own investigation of the suitable veneer sand from certain borrow area off shore, AHC is treating the extracted white color sand to meet the grading specification of Bahrain requirements.