We provide a fully integrated marine construction service of any size marine projects. Clients depend on us to understand and mitigate their risk and enhance their reputation with robust, reliable and sustainable solutions.

Marine Construction
Marine Construction

Marine Construction Services

AHC is specialized and well equipped with a fleet of Hopper dredger , Backhoe Dredgers  to carry out all types of project which required dredging works including seabed cleanup, trenching off shore up to 19 meters depth , supported commercial diving crew and diving equipment.

Having a high qualified Geotechnical department , and fleet of marine vessels and land equipment , AHC has participated and successfully completed mega reclamation project in Bahrain and GCC countries , ensuring the delivery of the reclaimed plot to the MOW specified

Prepare the slope profile , place of geotextile by commercial divers , on land and off shore survey , supply and place all kind of rock (local /imported) with various sizes , placing of the rock for deep section using log boom outreach backhoe and  marine  vessel with support of AHC commercial divers.

Development and construction of public and private  beaches including the off shore excavation and supply /placing of sand veneer and the relevant rock and protection works

Supply all different types of off shore pipes , Butt fusion welding , Collar weight casting and assembly , launching , float and floating sinking methodology , pipe channel trenching , diffuser installation , intake head installation , placing of individual GRP pipe using AHC crane barges , Hydro testing.

Using AHC Backhoe dredger , AHC excavates the trenches for various purposes , for pipeline installation ,  deepening of navigational channel. AHC also owns fleet of transportation barge and split barges to off load the excavated material to its own jetty in sitra, treat the excavate material and dispose it.

In Survey , diving inspection survey underneath the breakwater , supply the rock (local or imported) , load it to transportation barge at AHC jetty , placing the all sizes of rock (quarry run, armors) to build up the breakwater as per the design and specification requirements of each project.

Bored piles and driving piles , including the supply of permanent casing , driving of the casing by Vibro or impact hammer , boring the piles using AHC owned drilling machine on working barges, disposal of the drilled material, placing of the steel cages and casting of off shore concrete using trimme pipe methodology.

AHC is equipped by tug boats, and crane barge enabling AHC to supply and install all kind of pontoons with all its MEP and Electrical accessories

AHC has successfully completed many projects for the construction of culvert pre-cast culvert / and cast in situ culvert , including the dewatering bund and dewatering , excavation , form work , steel fixing work, concrete pouring , isolation , steel gate installation , backfilling and the associated rock work.

As part of the dredging and pre-reclamation activities , AHC owns its fleet of marine equipment enabling the execution of the sea bed cleanup and the disposal of the excavated material to the AHC jetty located in SITRA area.

One of the important key activity for all the marine works and AHC priority  is to protect the Environment and hence AHC has established  its Environmental Department and the trained skilled labour to design , fabricate  and install all types and sizes of the Silt Curtain , using its skilled labour and commercial divers.