We provide a fully integrated earth work construction service of any size earth work construction projects. Clients depend on us to understand and mitigate their risk and enhance their reputation with robust, reliable and sustainable solutions.

Earth Work
Earth Work

Earth Work Construction Services

Supply , drive, maintain and extract the sheet piles to enable the shoring , also AHC equipped with piling drilling machines for the execution of the secant piles up to 1.5 m diameter , 50 meter depth including drilling , steel reinforcement and concreting works.

AHC is capable to execute the deep excavation including the dewatering works up to 35 meter depth using its long boom excavator, tele deeper tools, crane with grab

AHC owns a fleet of wheel loader, dump trucks , graders, roller compactor, qualified geotechnical team, to carry out all required backfilling to achieve the specified density requirements including all types of post backfilling testing , in Situ test, CPT test , SPT test , ZLT, etc.

AHC owns more than 200 electrical and diesel pump for surface and deep dewatering, also for well point and deep well dewatering system depends on the soil permeability and conditions.

AHC provide the soil improvement services for all types of soil improvement including soil replacement, deep vibro hammering , CFA piling , stone column , surface compaction , dynamic compaction. AHC geotechnical department is always interested to provide the technical recommendation and suitable soil improvement methodology depends on the soil condition and the targeted bearing capacity.

AHC owns many drilling boring machines and land crawler crane enabling the execution of all type of bored on land piles up to 2 meter diameter and 40 meter depth including the installation of temporary casing , boring in all types of soil, soil stabilization during the drilling , installation of the steel cages and concrete to the specified requirements and international standard.

AHC executes the underground concert tanks for pump houses, using its in house shoring and dewatering facilities and the qualified excavation operator, carpenters and steel fixer, masons and foremen.